Nashik, Maharashtra

Yorks Nashik Estate: Picturesque landscape spanning 9 acres with a hill on the southern side and a lake to the north. The natural slope of the terrain allows good drainage, contributing to the quality of the fruit from their estate vineyards. Located 20 minutes from the heart of Nashik City, York’s state-of-the-art winery presents a breath-taking view of the tranquil expanse of the Gangapur dam backwaters.

York employs modern viticulture practices and management techniques for growing, pruning and spraying to ensure that the fruit harvested is of the best quality. Apart from their estate vineyards, York work closely with contracted grape growers covering a total area of 80 acres. The characteristic flavour profile of the wines is the result of the different microclimates and soils of the vineyards of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, Chenin Blanc & Sauvignon Blanc, scattered across the Nashik region. The unique blend of the fruit from these vineyards along with the winemaking practices makes these wines distinct in the Nashik Valley.

York winery is designed on multiple levels for streamlined production which aides the transfer of wine under gravity where possible, without the use of pumps, to avoid the adverse effect of the vigor on the wines. Underground cellars provide perfect temperature and humidity conditions to age bottled wines and reserve wines in oak barrels. The combination of modern Australian and South African winemaking practices with old-world French influence, is an open-minded approach. Combined with the best Italian machines and wine storage of up to 1 million litres, York consistently produces some of the best wines in the Nashik Valley.