Learn more about the people and businesses that sell Indian wines into the UK market. They share the same passion as us for showcasing great wines from all over the world, with an emphasis on the quality of wine and narrative!


Waitrose & Partners

Waitrose & Partners (formerly Waitrose) is a brand of British supermarkets, founded in 1904 as Waite, Rose & Taylor, later shortened to Waitrose. It was acquired in 1937 by employee-owned retailer John Lewis Partnership, which still sells groceries under the brand.

Wine Monkey

Wine Monkey is a collection of lesser-known craft wines that celebrate sustainability, whether environmental, human, economic and/or social and an effort to support the producers who see and care about the bigger picture.

Needledrop Wines

Needledrop Wines, a boutique, online wine store full of unique and interesting wines from across the world.


Winebound focuses on, organising and hosting engaging wine experiences, tastings and wine parties, running pop-up shops, to showcase exciting and little-known wine producers, creating original online content, in the form of articles, reviews and interviews.

The Grape Slayer

Specialising in wine tourism & emerging territories with an extra special passion for biodynamic wines & the individuals behind the labels. Southsea, where they fly their flag, has a crazy high concentration of madly inspiring independent businesses and artists.


Diogenes the Dog

Diogenes the Dog is an independent wine bar + online shop & cafe bringing to the table some of the undiscovered wines of the world, with hospitality at the forefront, and simplicity as an ethos.

Darbar Emsworth

Darbar Restaurant provides an exceptional dining experience offering Real North Indian, Goan & Other regional specialities introduced to India by the royal kitchens of the Mughal emperors – coupled with an array of cocktails, mocktails, beers and a wide range of premium Indian wines chosen by connoisseurs exclusive to Darbar

The Forest Side Hotel

A Fairytale gothic mansion, the Forest Side is the fulfilment of a romantic dream. set in the magical Lake District landscape, this beautiful house charmed visitors for over a century before falling into disrepair. But, like sleeping beauty, the Forest Side has been reawakened.

Thyme & Chillies

Thyme & Chillies Restaurants provides a fantastic and varied dining experience offering authentic Indian Cuisine Lunch and Dinner coupled with an array of cocktails, mocktails, beers, cider and a wide range of wines chosen by connoisseurs.

Mystique Masala

Mystique Masala takes out a leaf from the culinary extravaganzas of “India” and brings to you a “Repast” of Indian cuisine in an ambience and hospitality, evocative of Indian Culture, where every Meal has to be a feast, and every feast, a gourmets delight.