Nashik, Maharashtra

Since the first harvest on February 26 2009, Vallonné Vineyards has consistently crafted excellent wines to wide appreciation. Vallonné believes that good wine is made in the vineyards and in keeping with that philosophy, the winery follows stringent viticultural practices to ensure the highest quality of fruit.

Experts control every stage of the vine-to-wine journey and yields are kept low to ensure a high concentration of aromas and flavours. The fruit is gently picked and sorted by hand with minimal human intervention with a strong emphasis on the quality of the fruit to ensure careful extraction of flavours and tannins.

Vallonné’s guiding principles in winemaking are excellence and innovation. They continue to experiment with winemaking techniques and have introduced several firsts in the Indian wine market. Their Rosé is the first-ever to be made from Cabernet Sauvignon, reflecting the style of the famed Provencal Rosé. They were also the first to launch a reserve Malbec using this rich, inky grape. The Anokhee Cabernet Sauvignon is a Grand Reserve of a 2009 vintage that has been carefully aged for over five years and their wines have received wide appreciation at various Indian and international platforms for their excellent quality.