Nashik, Maharashtra

Nashik is the birthplace of Charosa Estate Wines, a prestigious producer of fruit forward new-world wines.

Many reputations are built around the ability to blend masterfully and consistently, a task embraced by the vintners at Charosa. Set within 230 acres, the Charosa Vineyards in the Dindori-Niphad-Satara area of Nashik enjoy an optimum environment and aspect for thriving vineyards.

The Tuscan influence of contemporary vernacular architecture is apparent at Charosa Winery; surrounded by picturesque hills, valleys, forests, and water, it is a location ripe with possibilities. The creation of fine Charosa wine is based on the true fusion of science and art and the winemaking process is unique to the territory, with open tank fermenters being pioneered for the first time in India.

The use of speciality equipment such as the inert gas press ensures that only the best quality juice is used for the winemaking process. This labour of love is all to create an Indian wine brand that is on par with the best brands internationally.