Good Drop Wine Cellars

Nashik, Maharashtra

Good Drop Wine Cellars objective is clear: Be at the forefront of the Indian wine revolution. Founded in 2009, chartered accountant turned winemaker Ashwin Rodrigues, who learned his craft in the Barossa Valley, Australia, produces quality and value sparkling wines to cater for a full spectrum of wine drinkers.

Initially using contract winemaking facilities in Nashik, Maharashtra, in 2013, Good Drop Wine Cellars set up their own winery designed especially for sparkling wine production. Now one of India’s most innovative, state-of-the-art wineries in Vinchur Wine Park, Nasik. The building is India’s first pre-fabricated structure using sandwich PUF panels, with machinery largely imported from Italy. The winery is equipped with a range of pressure vessels designed particulary for Charmat, a method of sparkling wine production, with current tank capacity of 550,000 litres and potential to handle 2 million litres within the existing building.

Good Drop Wine Cellars use contract farming under the watchful eye and advice of their team of Viticulturists. Investing significantly in resources to ​develop knowledge and hone grape production techniques, information is shared with their farmers to ensure quality of their crop.