Akluj, Maharashtra

The word Fratelli means ‘brothers’ in Italian and refers to the uniting of the Secci brothers, from Italy, with the Sekhri brothers and the Mohite-Patil brothers from India.

The name was adopted to represent the shared desire the partners nurtured in their hearts: To create a product of truly international standard, made in India using centuries-long Italian winemaking traditions. The brothers were clear in their minds that a good wine is made in the vineyards foremost and decided to plant their own, rather than sourcing grapes from vineyards over which they had no viticultural control.

Their passion, love and labour saw the birth of Fratelli Wines with a modern winemaking facility in Akluj, a town in the Solapur district 170 km south of Pune. Grown on a trench line of 330km with 350,000 samplings, the Fratelli Vineyards are planted with 12 grape varieties on a combination of 240 acres of virgin land over three sites – Motewadi, Nimgaon and Garwad.

The winery is equipped with 58 multi capacity tanks imported from Velo, Italy. With a fully equipped high-tech laboratory for testing at each and every stage of the production process- from the grapes to the finished product on site- every detail has been considered. With yields per acre restricted to 25% of the industry average, Fratelli ensures that only the best grapes are harvested and the quality of wine is upheld to the highest degree.

Fratelli has been lauded every year for their consistency, quality standards and excellence at some of the world’s most influential and comprehensive wine competitions. The house of Fratelli has been steadily gaining international recognition and bringing Indian wines to the forefront of the global market with 30 international awards within a few years of inception.